Conceptual restaurant idea- Dada

The logo in latin and arabic held the strokes in the shape of underground pipes.
(So i didn't use the actually stokes instead i used the pipes that goes under the restaurant and have various sounds and smells coming out of the pipes of the restaurant.)
Menu on a toilet paper (each section could be cut out)

Packaging and identity of a bar and restaurant concept entitled "Dada",
This project was of course inspired but the Dadaism, and their rejection to the common ideology in the atrisitc expression as well as the concepts of "logic" and "reason". And they embraced the ideas of chaos and irrationality. So basically the idea for this project was to reverse the standards of logic and reason and replace them with irrationality. To emphasize that, i used the opposite of a kitchen to be the toilet and the way toilet would be used as a main concept of defining this restaurant. 

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  1. I havent seen the final version of this project. Its just amazing, really really fantastic!!!