From sketch to final

This was the initial illustration for the character I had in mind for the book, 
which I ended up using for my cover.

Cover Page

The cover page was composed of  both drawing and fabric stitching, the dress upper part is made of plastic flower petals, wooden buttons, and the rest is fabric filled with cotton.

Handmade Book workshop.

This was the outcome of the "Handmade Graphic Book" workshop that was given by Barrak Rima
and curated by Samandal Comic Magazine at Ginane Bacho's studio.
The book is entitled "Alone" the text was taken from Edgar Ellen Poe's Poem "Alone". 
The techniques we used for printing were silkscreen, photocopy, and manual type setting, with Japanese 
binding. Only 6 copies were made and one sample is on display at the 98weeks project space until the 
7th of January.